Our Story

In 2017, Filipino-Canadian sisters Nikaela and Arika, always knew they wanted to be their own bosses. For years they visited the idea of starting a business together. They've explored concepts like nails, cocktails, skincare, and clothing... until they stumbled upon the idea of opening a cafe. Being Brampton natives, they found that Brampton had almost no locally-owned cafes. They decided they wanted to bring their own cafe to Brampton. A space to hangout, have a first date, or work on your own side-hustle.

By bringing their Asian influences to the table, they merged their love for bubble tea with their love of coffee and added their flair for hosting. In 2019 Bean + Pearl opened a brief second Pop-up location at Stackt Market Toronto, and explored the world of DIY Boba at Home Kits, and Boozy Boba. Today you can find them and their Boba Baes hanging at the shop. Come by and say hi!

- Bean + Pearl