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April 26 @ 4pm

Free Legal Clinic

In an effort to give back to our community we are offering a FREE Legal Clinic hosted by Naz Law Firm.

We understand the cost of legal advice can be steep, especially for necessary and important matters. This is a great opportunity to ask a professional for valuable insight and advice for FREE. Visitors will receive a Buy One Get One coupon, which they can choose to use to treat themselves!

For more info and before attending please read our Legal Disclaimer below

Now selling

Macarons by Macaron Hotspot

Made with high-quality ingredients, fresh flavours, fillings and passion!

Macaron Hotspot takes large and small orders, such as custom Macaron Towers and other specialty flavours such as; Mint-Chocolate, Pineapple, Coffee, Birthday Cake Confetti, Orange Creamsicle, Vanilla and more! 

Allergen Alert: Nuts, eggs, and cream.
Custom Orders Here: 💌  ☎️ 4165652303

Now introducing our

Instant Food Bar

Buy our noods! Yes, we definitely mean noodles. Available In-Shop only.

It's Play Time!

We've brought boardgames back! This time we have a few rules. Read through to see what's new and find our games list. This list may change. We have child-friendly educational games available as well. Thank you for your cooperation!

Read the Rules

Our Little Free Library

Yes, we mean take a book home! We believe in strengthening the mind through literacy. In an effort to support our community, we offer this affordable and accessible library to pique your interest. Browse through our small rotating catalogue and cozy up with one of our books!

If you would like to donate, please drop off your books with a barista and get 10% off your order! The discount must be used the same day.

We thank you for your support!