Let's Play!

Read the Rules

1. Dine-In Customers must purchase drinks / food to play.

2. Please request only 1-2 games at a time.

3. Please handle the games with care, so that future guests may enjoy the games too.

4. If there are any missing pieces or supplies, please inform a barista.

5. Please return all pieces and supplies back to the boardgame neatly.

6. Return the boardgame to a barista when you are done.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy!


  • Backgammon (2 Players) Challenge your mind with logic, strategy, and counting.
  • Bohnanza (2-7 Players) Plant, trade and sell Beans!
  • Checkers (2 Players) Practice and execute strategy in this classic game.
  • Chess (2 Players) Control your army and execute strategy in this classic game!
  • Codebreaker (2 Players) Solve code using logic and patterns.
  • Domo (3-8 Players) Caption this! Make clever captions of Domo and his friends' fun photos!
  • Guess Who (2+ Players - 2 Teams) Guess eachothers' person using clever questions.
  • Game of Life (2-6 Players) Will you choose Millionaire Mansion or Countryside Acres?
  • Murder We Wrote (3-8+ Players) True Crime podcast-themed game.
  • Operation (1+ Players) Test your hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills to save a life!
  • Pandemic (2-4 Players) Work as a team to treat infections, gather resources for cures, and save humanity!
  • Snakes + Ladders (2-4 Players) Navigate traps and tricks in this classic game!
  • Taboo (4+ Players - 2 Teams) Word-guessing game!

Card Games

  • Citadels (4-6 Players) Bishop, warlord, thief, king: change roles, build your city and hinder your rivals!
  • Deck of Classic Cards (52 Cards)
  • Dominos
  • Friday (1 Player - Solo) Help Robinson survive an Island and fight pirates!
  • Relative Insanity (4-12 Players) Similar to Cards Against Humanity, but Family related/themed.
  • Uno Express (2-4 Players)
  • Zombies (3-6 Players) Who can make it to the helipad and survive?
  • Zombie Dice (2-8 Players) This time you're the zombie, eat brains, and don't get shot!

Child-Friendly Games

  • Disney Colours + Shapes (Ages 3+) Learn different colours and shapes!
  • Go Chick Similar to Go Fish!
  • Marvel Division (Ages 8+) Practice Mathemetics Division!
  • Old Bunny Match cards!