Summer Safety: Tips for Kids at Home

Summer Safety: Tips for Kids at Home

Summer Safety Tips: Keep Your Family Safe + Cool at Home

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With the kids spending more time at home during summer vacation, it's essential to refresh the whole family on safety rules! Here are some crucial tips to ensure everyone stays safe this summer:


Fire Hazards in the Home

Understanding fire hazards is key to preventing accidents. Ensure your family knows what can cause fires, such as:

  • Cooking appliances left unattended

Ensure appliances such as the oven, stove, clothing irons, and hair appliances, are turned off and unplugged. If any appliances are used don't forget to teach the family; 1) how to use them properly, and 2) under proper supervision.

  • Electrical faults and overloaded sockets

Know your home. Ensure any electrical lines and sockets are organized and updated, neatly and safely. If there are any unsafe areas, make sure the kids know the space is prohibited. 

  • Candles and matches left within reach of children

Any hazardous materials should be stored properly and in places where children cannot reach.

  • Know your exits

Ensure everyone knows where the exits are and how to use them in case of an emergency. Conduct regular fire drills to practice:

  • Locating all possible exits
  • Using safety routes
  • Establishing a meeting point outside

House Fire Statistics in Brampton

Brampton has seen significant house fires in recent years. In 2022, a tragic house fire claimed the lives of five family members, including three children​ (Global News)​. Additionally, several other incidents have highlighted the importance of fire safety and preparedness.


Home Alone Safety

If your preteens are staying home alone, make sure they understand the risks and know how to prevent fires and how to handle other hazards. Discuss:

  • The importance of not using the Stove or Oven unsupervised
  • Keeping Emergency Numbers handy
  • How to Safely use Electronic Devices


Strangers at the Door + Online Safety

Teach your children about the dangers of strangers both in person and online:

  • Strangers at the Door: Never open the door without verifying the identity of the visitor through a peephole or a security camera.
  • Online Safety: Be cautious with whom they interact with online and never share personal information.


Sun Safety Tips

Kids are bound to spend more hours playing outside in the sun. To protect them:

  • Ensure they wear Sunscreen with at least SPF 30
  • Keep them Hydrated by drinking lots of water
  • Try our Strawberry Kiwi, Summer Sipper paired with their favourite cut fruit to stay cool and refreshed in the sun!


By implementing these safety tips and ensuring your family is well-prepared, you can enjoy a safer and more relaxing summer at home. Pair these precautions with regular discussions and drills to keep safety at the forefront of your summer activities. Stay safe and enjoy your summer vacation! 🥝🍓☀️

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