Festivities + Flavours!

Festivities + Flavours!


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It’s cold outside. The snow is falling and my fingertips are freezing. But as the water turns to ice, I’m itching with holiday spirit. I find myself craving candycanes and sleigh bells and our new Festive Faves. 

As the days go by and winter festivities eat up my time, I‘ve been leaning more towards our holiday drinks. And I’ve been told many of my peers feel the same. Last year, our holiday staples had an unmistakable festive flavour that we just  couldn’t bear to part ways with. 

Candy Cane Tea Latte: Milky swirls reminiscent of wrapping gifts; a candy cane in your mouth, slowly being shaped to a point sharp enough to do damage. A rich peppermint treat for those who prefer tea to coffee. 

Gingerbread Latte! Mr. Gingerbread Man escaped the oven and has found a home in a smooth cup of coffee. 

Mint Chocolate Milk Tea: For those who are constantly called a grandma for their favourite ice-cream– Mint Chocolate Milk Tea is for Milk Chocolate Chip enjoyers.  

Gingerbread Milk Tea: Gingerbread Milk Tea is similar to the Gingerbread Latte in that it tastes like a runaway Gingerbread Man, but this particular one has decided to bathe in tea instead. Thus, Gingerbread Milk Tea is perfect for those not too fond of coffee, like myself. 

This year, we’ve kept the holiday flavors you love. But to keep things fresh this holiday season: we’re introducing some new heavy-hitters to the lineup.


  • Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake: Another drink for my mint lovers! It's velvety, smooth, and achingly familiar. The oreo bits in between each sip leave you reminiscing and in the mood for a candycane.
  • Cookies + Cream Latte: Cookies + Cream Latte is a kiss on the forehead packaged and put (lovingly) into a cup. A creamy, comforting, blend of chocolate cookies and silky steamed milk fit for a cozy night in the shop. 

  • As Christmas nears, all you’ll hear in the shop is our own personal holiday playlists. So to simulate the cozy vibe of the shop (now complete with dimmer mood lighting in the evenings!), have a listen to my Christmas playlist!

    Give it a listen. Buy yourself a holiday drink– let the holiday spirit infect you the same way it has Bean + Pearl.

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