A Bobarista's Guide to BBT + Music Pairings

A Bobarista's Guide to BBT + Music Pairings

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Music is something that has become so deeply ingrained into my life that I truly could not imagine myself without it. I would probably explode if I was left alone with my thoughts for more than an hour, so sometimes it's best to just turn up my music and hang out with a nice drink. It's a good reset! A little sweet treat paired with the perfect song, the sunlight streaming in through the shop windows and a smile from a Bobarista slowly starting to learn your regular order. A perfect day. 

So to accompany your perfect day and make my life a little bit more interesting I present: A Bean + Pearl Bobarista's Guide to good drink and music combinations! I will also be judging you a little bit based on what you order. I apologize in advance.

1) Starting simple with the Classic Milk Tea. Either you're new to Bean + Pearl and/or bubble tea in general or you like the simple things in life. Either way I suggest talking to the bobarista for recommendations, we have lots of drinks! Sometimes it can be helpful to switch things up. With the OG Classic, I have a feeling you like Drake or the Weeknd. Listen to "Don't" by Bryson Tiller and seriously consider trying our Roasted Milk Tea. 

2) Taro Milk Tea! You're also pretty simple, but I appreciate it. This is a boba staple. I know you've probably already listened to Keshi's entire discography but that's okay! You can listen again. Here's "War with Heaven".

3) If you find yourself reaching towards our Hot Chocolate, I love you. This was my go to drink for years. The richness of the chocolate and undertone of vanilla when combined with the silkiness of the milk just makes this feel like a hug in a cup. Couple this with our lovely attempts at latte art and you’ve got the perfect cure to that November-December heartache. For you, I recommend “My Heart is Buried in Venice” by Ricky Montgomery, the song that was playing the first time I came into the shop.

4) If your go-to is Strawberry Milk Tea, you're super sweet. I know you're trying to fill the hole in your chest with nice (read: pink) things, so here's "Pink + White" by Frank Ocean. I also recommend listening to Lamp. Take a sip and turn up your volume as you let yourself dream. Sit in comfort as sunlight streams onto your face and the soft vocals and comfortable beats serve as the companion you've always longed for.

5) If you love summer, I think you’ll find yourself enjoying our Mango Strawberry. This is a great pick for when you want something light and airy, and I have a strong suspicion that you are just as light yet rich as this drink! This drink reminds me of “Devil in a New Dress'' by Kanye West, and I think it has similar vibes to “LO$ER=LO♡ER” by TXT. The classic mango flavour, along with the added depth of the strawberry jelly and drizzle makes this a drink that will absolutely transport you to that June vacation you’ve been fantasising about. 

6) If you reach for a Strawberry Tea made with Black tea, you get it. Black tea brings a certain depth to the drinks that I believe you as a person may also have. I recommend "For Sale?" by Kendrick Lamar, for that same depth and breath of fresh air that you seem to enjoy. Additionally, try "My Love Mine All Mine" by Mitski, for no reason other than the fact that I adore this song and this is my regular order. 

7) Cookies + Cream! This is one of our most popular drinks, and honestly I get it. This stuff is so good. It manages to heal your inner child with just a sip of blended Oreo goodness. For this drink I recommend "Perfect Pair" by Beabadoobee. 

8) If you get Roasted Milk Tea, I adore your taste. You are who Classic and Hokkaido havers wish they were. The depth and classic simplicity of this drink are what make it a staple within our staff favourites. I suggest pairing Roasted with "Crying on the Subway" by Hana Vu to match the down to earth and classic vibe of this drink, and probably also you as a person.

9) If you get  Brown Sugar Milk Tea, formerly Hokkaido, you have good taste and a solid understanding of what you like. It's a staple drink and with it I recommend “After Last Night” by Silk Sonic, for a sound that matches that brown sugar taste.

10) The coffee-lover’s favourite: the Coffee Milk Tea. You long for the simplicity of life, but I have a feeling you’re too tired to appreciate the little things. Sit back. Relax. Take a sip and let “Dark Red” by Steve Lacy transport you to a world where things are simple. A world where you can take the nap you deserve! 

11) Strawberry Cheesecake! Another one of our most popular drinks. The sweet comfort of strawberry elevated to another level with our made-in-house Cheese Milk Foam and finished off with graham cracker crumbs and caramel. The analysis of Strawberry Milk Tea still applies here, but you have that added layer to you. You might enjoy "Say Yes to Heaven" by Lana Del Ray. The softness and the cloud-like dreaminess of this song and perhaps you as a person pair wonderfully with this drink.

12) If your go-to is Strawberry Coconut, I respect your dedication to aesthetics. It's a good drink– It's pretty and tastes great. I hope your story likers appreciate the picture you take of you holding this, as well as the song you put to go with it. Might I suggest "Babydoll" by Dominic Fike? It would go great on your Instagram Story, I think. Plus, it matches the vibe of the drink itself, and probably your beauty as a person. 

13) Peach Lemonade lovers! You have good taste, this is a staple drink for those warmer months. I suggest pairing it with "Novacane" by Frank Ocean or "Carino" by The Marias! Picture yourself dancing in the lamp lit streets just off a beach. It’s nighttime and it's perfect. You take a sip of your drink. You close your eyes and  can feel the breeze on your face. People who get Peach Lemonade are more often than not some of the most lovely people I’ve met. So for you, I have some lovely songs. 

If you’ve come into the shop before, you know how much we value our music. There is not a moment where one of our Spotify accounts isn’t connected to the speaker. Music is an integral part of Bean + Pearl; our playlists say a lot about us as people, and us as a company. My hope is that through this I can make you, dearest reader, a part of that. 

As a regular-turned-employee, I look forward to seeing you try new things-- whether those be new songs or new drinks.  I hope you resonate with something, and If not, get some meaningful recommendations. This is lighthearted, and I adore all of you that come into the shop. Keep ordering what you like, and don't be afraid to try something different. 

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