A Look Behind our New Menu

A Look Behind our New Menu

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As the weather gets colder and it starts to get dark sooner, we could all use a pick-me-up to combat that ever growing seasonal depression. For a kick of summer nostalgia in the depths of winter, we at Bean + Pearl are revamping our menu! Don’t worry, all the favourites you love are still here, we’re not killing any of our darlings, but we have some exciting new editions!

Starting with the toppings, we’ve added Coffee Jelly! Made with agar, rather than with coconut jelly, this new topping brings a fresh taste, and is a little different  than the flavoured coconut jellies or the aloe and grass jellies you’re used to. It pairs perfectly with our milk teas and is a dessert beloved by a certain pink hair psychic. I encourage you to try different combinations with the topping and explore what you like! Always feel free to ask us in the shop for recommendations, and consider watching The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo, in case you didn’t get my pink-haired psychic reference. 

Saiki K. eating Coffee Jelly.

If you’ve been missing summer, this is for you. Trooping on in our battle against 4pm sunsets, we’ve added new Milk Teas to our menu! Introducing Bubblegum, Banana and Blueberry Milk Teas. (Yay alliteration.)



Bubblegum Milk Tea is sweet childhood nostalgia in a cup. At Bean + Pearl a lot of our drinks are borne of experimentation,  and Bubblegum is one of those drinks. It took ages of trials to get the flavor just right! It’s a lovely bubblegum pink, and like all our other Milk and Fruit Teas, comes in a Regular or Large size. Feel free to try all the topping combinations you can come up with but do keep in mind: Bubblegum Milk Tea comes in a fixed sweetness! While the sweetness level of all our other drinks can be changed, Bubblegum Milk Tea cannot be changed.

Banana Milk Tea takes inspiration from Korean Banana Milk, the infamous convenience store staple. It’s creamy, refreshing and reminiscent of better times. Our Banana Milk Tea is a must-try for a transport to a tropical island where you can kick back, relax, and let your problems drift away. 

Blueberry Milk Tea is rich, it’s velvety, it's perfect for a break between sets. Or I suppose with the weather outside, a break between episodes of whatever show you’re into at the moment. Blueberry Milk Tea is sips of a drink stolen between sets of a volleyball game out in the park. It’s the drink you have on a picnic with someone you love. It’s a breath of summer, no matter what time of year.

Boba Bae summer weekly volleyball runs + picnic. August 2023.

When I was in elementary school, I knew a girl who loved Chocolate bananas– the dessert had her enamored. She would love this drink. Chocolate Banana is a layered drink, for those of us who appreciate the aesthetics of things. A creamy Banana Milk Tea base with rich swirls of Chocolate Milk Tea layered on top. The perfect combination; a drink perfect for rewatching your favorite cartoons and thinking fondly about the friends you had when you were younger.

Coffee-lovers rejoice, we’ve got you. Presenting, Coconut Coffee and Banana Coffee; our way of putting the Bean in Bean and Pearl while still keeping you rooted in our escape to the tropics.

Coconut Coffee: the dream you wake up to. A delicate coconut base fit to transport you straight to the beach you wish you were at right now with a rich shot of espresso layered on top. Whether you’re a student who needs the caffeine for exam season, someone who just got off work and has plans with their friends, or someone who just likes coffee, consider trying our Coconut Coffee to  ease your burdens with a rich and  flavourful journey to your dreamland. 

If the nostalgia of Banana Milk appeals to you, but you need something to level it up a bit, Banana Coffee is for you. Banana Coffee is a calm summer morning, it’s a break from the rush of life. Banana Coffee tastes like watching the sunrise; the complex flavour of the espresso balanced perfectly with the ripe sweetness of Banana Milk Tea. 

Our new staples have taken sweet summer nostalgia and turned it into drinks. This lineup is the breeze atop the bleachers with your friends. So whenever you  miss childhood summer breaks, come on into Bean + Pearl and let us whisk you away to better times.

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