To many, the art of good hosting begins with a delicious spread and ends with warm company. At Bean + Pearl we pride ourselves in our ability to create a welcoming atmosphere and delectable treats, with you our lovely guests in mind. We started as at-home-hosts and decided to bring our passions to the public. Now, as restauranteurs, you could effectively call us - Glorified Hosts. 

With this in mind, we've decided to launch or next passion project, by bringing savoury tastes to your table. We aim to eliminate the stress of curating the perfect spread, and instead we have done it for you!

Introducing one of our favourite spreads, the classic - Grazing Box. The Grazing Box is the perfect gift for that special someone, friend, or colleague. Every box is filled with fresh ingredients, which are made to order. Grazing Boxes are meant for sharing, whether it's a particular occasion, or a surprise picnic. Curated premium flavours for a luxurious palette. The Grazing Box also includes a Deluxe Bean + Pearl Iced Beverage of your choice. A Vegan Option is also Available.

We hope you enjoy!

- Bean + Pearl